Kaffestuen Vesterbro

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Hey guys! Since I live in Denmark, many of my “recommendation posts” are going to be about good places in Copenhagen and in Denmark. But if I find myself in another part of the world, I will definitely also make a recommendation post about someplace there!

Today I would give you a review of the “Kaffestuen Vesterbro”.
I did in march a challenge called “March with compassion” where you had to live vegan for a whole month, and it was great! Instead of being limited by what not to eat and what you should, it’s an experience where you can come out of your comfort zone and try you own limits and boundaries of food. This is highly recommendable. However, I would say that if you are not vegetarian (which I already was) it might be harder to become vegan, but it should not stop you to take a meat-free Monday or something like that.
At least, Kaffestuen Vesterbro is the perfect cafe with delicious food! The atmosphere is cozy, the cafe is rustic and cozy and the food is SO good!
I will 100% go there again and you do not have be vegan to eat vegan food once in a while!
If you do not need in the city in the evening and simply leave it at home and enjoy yourselves, then I definitely recommend trying the ice-cream “Go ‘Is – uden mælk” Even my boyfriend whom is not down with the vegan wave, think it was really good!
Good afternoon and evening out there.




Knitting is one of the amongst other things that are popular right now!

When I say that knits are popular, then it is not just plain knit as you buy in the shops, which also always has been a must have in the cold winter months, I mean to knit your things yourself.

Everywhere it is a hit to sit with your knitting needles and make your own cozy sweaters in many colors and decide exactly how it should be.

Internet sites as http://www.weareknitters.com and http://www.woolandthegang.com, are some of the leaders who make kits to knitters!
So you get everything brought to your door ready to knit your own new sweater, hats, scarves and anything that could fall one into mind.

So if you get the urge to jump fashionable to knit his own cozy winter thing, it’s just to get ahead an begin! Either for this year’s winter or just to start the next lap.

Old-fashioned retro sweaters and other knitwear is something that never goes out of fashion! If you like it retro I mean 😉


First post

Hello out there in the big fancy world!
This is my first post on wordpress. I have a blog on Bloggers Delight, but decided to start one here as well with my own domain. Hope you will enjoy what I post.

It will be about fashion, food and of course, retro stuff that I find fancy!